1. Ikenotaira Hotel

  2. Ambient Tateshina Hotel

  3. Little grebe

  4. Pension ROCK

  5. Colosseum Inn Tateshina

  6. Pension Smoke Chief

  1. Soba

  2. Yakitori

  3. Mizutaki

  4. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya

  5. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya

  6. Swimming Pool

  7. Bowling alley

  8. Zenkouji

  9. Matsumoto castle

  10. Snow Racer

  11. Suwa-taisha Harumiya

  12. Tandem Snow Mobile


Situated beside the serene Lake Megami, our hotel offers a choice of Japanese kaiseki, French courses, or buffet for dinner, allowing you to savor a different culinary experience each night. Rooms with kitchens are available for those who prefer a more personal touch to their meals. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation in our open-air baths with stunning lake views.

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Ambient Tateshina Hotel