Ski Area

The altitude of the lodging area is 1,500 meters above sea level. The snow quality is truly dry snow.
Sunny weather rate is more than 80%.
This is the best environment for a ski resort.

Story & History

An Australian and a Japanese living in Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan appreciated the location.


Conveniently located only 3 hours from Tokyo International Airport, it is ideal for a 4-6 night stay. Of course, you can stay longer than that.

Access in Japan

Combined with four of Japan's leading international airports and the Shinkansen bullet train, you can enjoy a personalized vacation that goes beyond skiing.

News & Information

  • About entering Japan
    As of June 10, if the person in charge of receiving a foreigner, such as a travel agent located in Japan, completes the prescribed application in the Entry-Reentry Health Verification System (ERFS), the new entry of a foreigner for a short stay for tourism purposes will be permitted in principle as if there were "special circumstances". However, this is not the case for all countries.Please check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan.
  • About entering Japan
    Unfortunately, entry into Japan for tourism purposes is not possible at this time. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.