1. Ikenotaira Hotel

  2. Ambient Tateshina Hotel

  3. Little grebe

  4. Pension ROCK

  5. Colosseum Inn Tateshina

  6. Pension Smoke Chief

  1. Soba

  2. Yakitori

  3. Mizutaki

  4. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya

  5. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya

  6. Swimming Pool

  7. Bowling alley

  8. Zenkouji

  9. Matsumoto castle

  10. Snow Racer

  11. Suwa-taisha Harumiya

  12. Tandem Snow Mobile

Pilatus Tateshina Snow Resort

Boasting the second-highest elevation in Japan, the snow quality here is exceptional. Our area’s unique ropeway attracts skiers, sightseers, and those interested in light mountaineering alike. The south-facing slopes offer unparalleled views of the Southern and Central Alps, providing a distinct landscape unlike any other in the area.

Maxium Ski Distance4,000m
Ski Lift2
Number of courses7