1. Ikenotaira Hotel

  2. Ambient Tateshina Hotel

  3. Little grebe

  4. Pension ROCK

  5. Colosseum Inn Tateshina

  6. Pension Smoke Chief

  1. Soba

  2. Yakitori

  3. Mizutaki

  4. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya

  5. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya

  6. Swimming Pool

  7. Bowling alley

  8. Zenkouji

  9. Matsumoto castle

  10. Snow Racer

  11. Suwa-taisha Harumiya

  12. Tandem Snow Mobile

Blanche Takayama Ski Resort

Favored by families for being ski-only, our resort offers views of the Northern Alps similar to other ski areas, but 8Peaks uniquely provides a view of Mount Fuji as well. Popular among serious skiers, including racers, our casual Japanese-style food court sets us apart from other ski resorts.

At the summit, you can enjoy a grand panorama of Mount Fuji and the Yatsugatake mountains. Don’t miss the chance to meet the ski guardian deity there and take a moment to pray for a safe and enjoyable ski trip.
Maxium Ski Distance3,700m
Ski Lift6
Number of courses10

At the bottom of Blanche TAKAYAMA’s slopes lies WANPARK, a playground brimming with attractions. With beginner ski courses, tubing sliders, snowmobiles, and banana boats, there are countless reasons for kids to fall in love with the snow!