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Colosseum inn Tateshina

2021, A New Resort Experience

Located near Lake Megami, surrounded by birch forests, Colosseum Inn Tateshina has been reborn in spring 2021, carrying on its 33-year-old legacy.

Evolving into a Restaurant & Resort Hotel where time flows even more pleasantly, with “Tateshina French” at its core. Enjoy a journey that indulges all your senses at this tranquil destination.


Tateshina area in Nagano Prefecture is blessed with abundant seasonal ingredients throughout the year.

Not only does it benefit from the blessings of the mountains, but its advantageous location between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean ensures the arrival of fresh seafood, adding to its appeal.

The French cuisine, which has long received high acclaim from our customers, has reached new levels of refinement, offering dishes that capture the essence of each season’s culinary delights.


We offer a variety of room types, including spacious maisonette-style accommodations spanning two floors, as well as Superior Twin and Standard rooms, totaling nine types of guest rooms.

Each room is enveloped in the serene air of the forest, allowing you to feel the breath of nature as it changes with the seasons.

Unwind and enjoy a blissful time, free from the constraints of daily life.


Experience the natural beauty of the four seasons in our modern and expansive communal bath, where you can enjoy the natural hot springs of Tateshina.

We also provide a relaxation salon offering a tranquil rock bathing facility and aromatherapy, catering to your individual preferences.

Relax your mind and body in a refined atmosphere.

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