1. Ikenotaira Hotel

  2. Ambient Tateshina Hotel

  3. Little grebe

  4. Pension ROCK

  5. Colosseum Inn Tateshina

  6. Pension Smoke Chief

  1. Soba

  2. Yakitori

  3. Mizutaki

  4. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya

  5. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya

  6. Swimming Pool

  7. Bowling alley

  8. Zenkouji

  9. Matsumoto castle

  10. Snow Racer

  11. Suwa-taisha Harumiya

  12. Tandem Snow Mobile

ndulge in the Luxury of Stunning Views, Beer, and BBQ

At the Hilltop BBQ at Shirakabakogen Kokusai Ski Area, enjoy beer and skewered BBQ while overlooking the Northern Alps, the slopes, and Lake Megami. Savor the BBQ made with local Tateshina beef, a regional specialty, for a taste of luxury amidst breathtaking scenery.Your BBQ will be expertly prepared by a BBQ instructor, ensuring a perfect grilling experience.

Sat,Sun and Japanese holiday