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Discover an inn where you can enjoy a genuine full-course meal by a popular French chef, paired with delightful hot springs. True to its name, the hotel boasts a Colosseum-like exterior, with its hot springs receiving rave reviews.

Nestled among the birch trees, our restaurant offers a French full course that's gentle on the body, crafted with care by Chef Ando, who uses seasonal flavors unique to each time of year.

Located in the Tateshina area of Nagano Prefecture, our region is blessed with an abundance of mountain delicacies, including highland vegetables, fruits, wild plants, and game, available throughout the year. Chef Ando, originally from the seafood-rich region of Izu, utilizes his profound knowledge of marine ingredients to incorporate fresh seafood from both the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean, taking advantage of Tateshina's unique location. Here, guests can enjoy an exclusive fusion of the bounties of the mountains and the sea.

We are committed to seasonal ingredients, cherishing the produce available only at certain times of the year, amid the distinctively changing landscapes of Tateshina. Our vegetables and fruits are meticulously cultivated by local farmers, while our meats and fish are carefully selected from producers and regions known for their quality. Through cooking methods that maximize the natural flavors of these ingredients, we invite you to savor the rich, seasonal tastes that unfold in your mouth.

Relax in the forest greenery and soothing hot springs. Our modernly designed large bathhouse features expansive windows overlooking the woods, allowing you to soak in the fresh air and natural beauty while enjoying the hot springs. The water quality from one of Tateshina's sources, "Serigasawa Onsen," is gentle on the skin and warmly permeates the body. For those who desire privacy, a separate private bath is also available for reservation.

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Colosseum inn Tateshina

Child rate
Children under 13 years of age are charged 50% of the price.

Cancellation Policy
・Arrival day : 100%
・1-21 days before : 50%
・22days to 2 months before date of arrival : 30%