1. Ikenotaira Hotel

  2. Ambient Tateshina Hotel

  3. Little grebe

  4. Pension ROCK

  5. Colosseum Inn Tateshina

  6. Pension Smoke Chief

  1. Tateshina Beef

  2. Snowshoe Tour

  3. Soba

  4. Yakitori

  5. Mizutaki

  6. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya

  7. Suwa Taisha Shimosha Harumiya

  8. Swimming Pool

  9. Bowling alley

  10. Zenkouji

  11. Matsumoto castle

  12. Snow Racer

January 10, 2023, marks the grand reopening with all rooms newly renovated! Each of our five rooms is equipped with an en-suite bath and toilet, perfect for extended stays. You can also opt for a full-house booking. Delight in our French cuisine, crafted with local ingredients.

Enjoy a relaxing time in our serene interiors, complete with a sunroom offering panoramic views of Lake Shirakaba and a playroom for family fun.

Full Course Dinner Featuring Exquisite Ingredients

Enjoy a homestyle French full course made with organic vegetables from our own farm and carefully selected ingredients at Little Greave. From spring to fall, we cultivate pesticide-free vegetables in our fields. Seeds and seedlings planted in spring soak up the sunlight and mature into delicious vegetables by early summer, adding color and flavor to your plate. Freshly harvested, these vegetables are exceptionally juicy and taste distinctly different from store-bought produce. Experience the transformation of these vibrant vegetables into a variety of delightful dishes.

Our playroom features a popular soccer game, picture books, a piano, and more. It's the perfect place to have fun with your children or enjoy some quiet time together.